You ask yourself what is wrong with me?

You promise yourself you’ll start being “good” again tomorrow

You feel guilty about the food you eat or when and how much you eat of it

You struggle with the idea of loving your body & you wonder, is that even possible?

You constantly compare yourself to others

You wake up with feelings of anxiety and go to sleep with a restless mind

You want to fix yourself and if you just could be skinnier, “healthier” and have more self control then you would finally be happy.

This was me.

Three years ago I was asking myself “what is wrong with me?”  I had feelings of anxiety surrounding body image, career, and I couldn’t help compare myself to others. I was over-exercising to make up for my feelings about my body and choices around food.  I was tired from not sleeping well and stressed out… all the time. I was anxious when I didn’t feel like I had “control,” and I obsessed over food and being “healthy.”  I desperately wanted to be healthy and happy (truly happy) and fix what was wrong with me.

There were so many joyful things in my life:

 I had graduated as the valedictorian and landed a job in the career that I was “supposed to do,” I had a wonderful family, a loving relationship with the man of my dreams... but still I wasn’t thriving.  

This is because the relationship that needed healing was the one I had with myself.


Here is what I learned on my journey: I didn’t need to “fix” myself.  There was nothing wrong with me. I just needed to lean in, trust my body and  what she was trying to tell me.

You might be scared, or feel unable to trust your own body. I totally get it and that is where I come in:

I help you get back in touch with what your body needs.

I hated how I looked and felt, and was never comfortable in my skin. I was addicted to the scale, letting that dictate my happiness in life.

Working with Emmy changed all of this!
— Jillian R

90-Minute Power Strategy Session

90-Minute Power Strategy Session

90-Minute Power Strategy Session

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