Emmy is kind, relatable, & wise.

She embodies true wellness -- inside & out -- & has a passion for helping others do the same. With love, presence, & intention, she coaches her clients to ditch the fads in favor of sustainable transformation. If you want to feel HEALTHY & WHOLE, Emmy is your girl! Working with her is truly a gift. I'm honored to call her my mentee, colleague, & friend.  

- Simi Botic | Holistic Health Coach & Co-Founder of Finally Free Program

Emmy is a kind, grounded, compassionate, insightful woman.

She listens intently, without judgment and offers up perspective, experience, support and advice with a freshness and vibrancy that is inherent to her personality. It is a wonderful combination and a skill set that makes her perfect for this profession of Holistic Health coach. 

I was fortunate to have worked side by side with her in her former life as a Physician Assistant and can attest to the fact that she is an incredibly hard worker and super smart. :)  The education and experience from her traditional western training coupled with that in integrative nutrition, meditation and yoga is only another reason why she is so skilled and successful in her profession as holistic health coach. She knows the tools necessary to help create and support a healthy mind, body and spirit. 

I am so blessed and grateful that she came into my life. Let her into yours and, I promise you, only good things will come of it!  

- Kristin B. 

Working with Emmy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

She has helped me regain a meaningful, happy life full of balance and love. My entire life I have been a yo-yo dieter, trying every new fad diet that came along. I’ve counted points, calories, tried all the shakes, counted each step I took and spent hours of my life stressing about how much of this I could eat, but still have enough left to eat that! I put my body into a total state of depravation, only to break down and binge on an entire bag of chips, pizza, you name it. I hated how I looked and felt and was never comfortable in my skin and was addicted to the scale, letting that dictate my happiness in life. Working with Emmy changed all of this!!! This isn’t a one size fits all strategy. Em takes the time to get to know you, learn your fears, strengths, goals and always without any judgement! Together we came up with goals and she is with me every step of the way. I have gone from hating myself to having a whole new love for myself, inside and out. I no longer hide in the back of a room in baggy clothes hoping not to be seen, I now have the confidence to stand out and shine! Family and friends have come up to me saying that not only do I look great & healthy, size wise, but emotionally I look as if I’m beaming ☺  Learning to honor and love my body is a process, but one I am so glad I started! Emmy is there whenever I need her, every step of the way. I have such a comfort with her especially in this topic which has created such discomfort for me in the past. I trust her with any problem I have.  She digs into the emotional aspects of things, which for me is tied to so many of my “unbalanced areas” and help to bring balance to all aspects of my life. I encourage everyone to take this step!.. I learned that I am worth it & so are you! 

Thanks for everything Emmy!

- Jillian R. 

Emmy is the perfect mix of traditional medical background meets contemporary holistic thinking.

Even more than that, Emmy is empathetic, kind, grounded and intuitive-- exactly the woman you want to guide you through this process of rediscovery. 

- Tory Dube | Healthy Living Expert 



Occasionally, we are lucky enough to meet people that change our lives.  

I’ve suffered with binge eating disorder for over 50 years.  As a holiday gift to me from my daughter, I was given a 3-month session with Emmy.  Never had a gift given to me been more meaningful and of value.

From the moment my gift session began and I met Emmy, she comforted me, was non-judgmental, and she let me know that she would support me throughout my journey.   Her words turned out to be 100% true.  Emmy, was and still remains in my corner.  Along the way, Emmy taught me to look at food dramatically different.  No more is it on a “pedestal,” off-limits, or bad.  No more is it to be eaten mindlessly.  It is now fuel for my body and is gradually and steadily becoming powerless over me.  

Emmy’s sharing knowledge, support, wisdom, empathy, and love are truly an invaluable gift—one my daughter could have never fully realized the value of.  

-Joanne R.