I believe…

...each person is a unique being.  

We all have different needs and I do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to wellness.  Instead, we work together to find what works for your body and your lifestyle.  I know that it can be overwhelming! I believe in meeting you where you are at, today.

...in nourishing your body with whole foods.  

In eating real, whole foods you can feel amazing in your own skin, without feeling deprived.  In ditching restriction, we help you find (and maintain) your body’s healthy weight.

...in a holistic and integrative approach to wellness.

Food and exercise are only a part of the puzzle to manifesting our healthiest self . It is also the thoughts we think, how well we sleep, and the people we surround ourselves with.

...in finding balance.  

A rigid approach to lifestyle changes is not fun or sustainable.  Life is constantly changing, and where we are at today is not the same as it was 1 year ago.  We create healthy habits that are easy, bring you joy, and ultimately guide you to your inner health.

I help clients navigate the wellness and nutrition industry and the overwhelming (and often conflicting) information that we are faced with.  We find what works for you.  We work together to find balance in your everyday life and create the space to be fully present in all of life’s celebrations.


Ready to manifest your healthiest you?

60 minute: Health and Whole Strategy Session


  • Complimentary 30 minute discovery call
  • Complete a full health and happiness breakdown, where we will explore all areas of your life, and discover where simple, digestible improvements can be made.
  • 60 minute call to discuss your H&H Breakdown, talk through tailored strategies to implement in your life.
  • After our call, you’ll receive a comprehensive PDF containing our strategy plan with clear action steps for you to move forward.
My entire life I have been a yo-yo dieter, trying every new fad diet that came along. I’ve counted points, calories, tried all the shakes, counted each step I took and spent hours of my life stressing about how much of this I could eat, but still have enough left to eat that! I put my body into a total state of depravation, only to break down and binge on an entire bag of chips, pizza, you name it.

Working with Emmy has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. She has helped me regain a meaningful, happy life full of balance and love.
— - Jillian R