I believe…

...each person is a unique being.  

We all have different needs and I do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to wellness.  Instead, we work together to find what works for your body and your lifestyle.  I know that it can be overwhelming! I believe in meeting you where you are at, today.

...in nourishing your body with whole foods.  

In eating real, whole foods you can feel amazing in your own skin, without feeling deprived.  In ditching restriction, we help you find (and maintain) your body’s healthy weight.

...in a holistic and integrative approach to wellness.

Food and exercise are only a part of the puzzle to manifesting our healthiest self . It is also the thoughts we think, how well we sleep, and the people we surround ourselves with.

...in finding balance.  

A rigid approach to lifestyle changes is not fun or sustainable.  Life is constantly changing, and where we are at today is not the same as it was 1 year ago.  We create healthy habits that are easy, bring you joy, and ultimately guide you to your inner health.

I help clients navigate the wellness and nutrition industry and the overwhelming (and often conflicting) information that we are faced with.  We find what works for you.  We work together to find balance in your everyday life and create the space to be fully present in all of life’s celebrations.

6-Months: Healthy and Whole 1-on-1 coaching program

As a Holistic Health coach I work with clients to nourish their bodies, cultivate sustainable changes, and live life to the very fullest expression.


  • Customized Welcome package to jumpstart your journey!
  • Twice monthly 50 minute one-on-one coaching calls via phone or skype
  • Individualized goal setting, program design, and action steps emailed to you after each call, based on what we spoke about
  • Weekly recipe guides and resources to further support your success between sessions
  • Unlimited  24/7 support between sessions via text or email
  • My complete commitment to you on your health and wellness journey


Bonus: 25% off discount to Finally Free, an amazing online intuitive eating interactive video series with my friend and mentor, Simi Botic.


If you’re ready to manifest your healthiest you, tell Emmy a bit about yourself in the form below and she’ll be in contact asap.

Emmy is a kind, grounded, compassionate, insightful woman.

She listens intently, without judgment and offers up perspective, experience, support and advice with a freshness and vibrancy that is inherent to her personality. It is a wonderful combination and a skill set that makes her perfect for this profession of Holistic Health coach.
— Kristen B.