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Announcing The First Soul Series Interview with E.B.Katz

Announcing The First Soul Series Interview with E.B.Katz

Welcome to the first Soul Series Interview! The term wellness is often loaded and carries with it many different interpretations and meanings.  I wanted to provide a platform to highlight the diversity of this term, and share with you inspiring interviews with REAL people and their individual take on wellness.  

When I first thought of crafting this interview series, an individual that automatically jumped into my mind was my sister-in-law Emily.  I thought what better way to start of the Soul Series with someone that I am not only lucky enough to share a name with her, but someone who truly embodies wellness. I am blessed to call her my sister and dear friend.  She has a love for healthy living and is filled with contagious energy that continues to inspire me each day. 

Welcome Emily!

Name: Emily B. Katz

Where do you live: Boston, MA

Describe what it is you do: I work at EF Education First, an international education company that specializes in educational and cultural experiences for travelers of all ages both in the United States and abroad. I work with the Language Travel division that specializes in bringing high school students from Europe & Asia to the US for 2-4 weeks during the summer to learn English, do cultural activities and live with a local host family. EF Education First’s mission is to open the world through education and to break down the barriers of language, culture and geography that divide us. It’s certainly a mission that I can get behind!

What does the term Wellness mean to you: Wellness means taking care of your mind, body and soul and doing the things in life that make you feel like YOU. Eating the foods you love, having coffee with a friend, going for a long walk on a beautiful day, exploring something new in the city that you live in.

It means being at peace with yourself, but also pushing yourself outside your comfort zone to discover your greatness.

If you could, describe your personal philosophy around food: My philosophy around food is best described by a quote that my mom had hanging up in our home growing up: “the key to life is balance”. I’m looking to strike a balance between eating the healthy, colorful, fresh & wholesome foods that make me feel energized and also being open to trying new foods, exploring new restaurants, and indulging in sweets - especially ones with chocolate :)

If you could imagine your “ideal” day, what would that look like?:  My ideal day would be sleeping in, drinking coffee in my comfy clothes, going for a run with a friend, getting a smoothie, laying out on the beach, eating a delicious lunch outside, reading, cooking a great dinner and ending the day with ice cream and puppy cuddles.

What is…

Your favorite drink/beverage: In the mornings, iced coffee with extra soy milk and in the evenings, seltzer water with fresh fruit...always in a wine glass

On your nightstand: my eye mask for sleeping, lotion, coaster with glass of water

Your go to weekend outfit: You are looking at it! Converse, yoga pants and a comfy top/workout zip up, hair UP.

One thing you’ve always wanted to try: Backpacking.  PCT Hiking.

What are you currently loving: Hiking (discovered hiking with our Pup Clark), and Acai bowls and mango.  

What brings you joy in your life?: Find Joy in the ordinary, The "little things."  For me some of those little things are waking up in the morning with a run before work, making breakfast, taking time to relax, fitness class, reconnecting with friends, CLARK my pup. Also training for a marathon, GOALS :)

What is your favorite way to move your body: Running! My happy place where I can truly disconnect, have clarity.  It brings me energy more than most things.  My favorite way to explore a new place or city is running.

Fuel your body: Fruits, veggies, grains, seeds and nuts :) Balanced meals.  

Feed your soul: Taking me time and disconnecting.  Knowing that time will serve me better in my relationships, life and work.  Moving, sleeping.  Eating great foods.  Sharing my favorite fitness classes with people, especially my spin studio B/SPOKE. I love talking about and promoting the studio so much that I became a B/SPOKE Ambassador to help spread the word .

Describe something or someone that gives you inspiration:  My friend and mentor Michael who is someone who truly follows his heart and has an uncanny way of connecting with others, his love for learning languages (he speaks 7 fluently) and truly living life to the fullest.  

What is one food item you couldn’t live without: NUT BUTTER of any kind, oh wait and sweet potatoes.

What do you always have in your refrigerator or pantry: I always have oats, peanut butter, raisins, and in the refrigerator almond milk and greek yogurt

What is a non negotiable routine in your life?: Running, and eating a good breakfast.

What does “self care” mean to you?: Taking care all different parts of your being, physical, emotional.  Talking with people that are close to me, staying in touch, being present in my relationships. Being true and honest. Hydrate. SLEEP. Breakfast in the morning.

In what ways are you dreaming big this year?: Finding our dream apartment. Exploring hobbies and education.  Taking an international trip with my boyfriend.

What is one piece of advice you want share with others in regards to living healthy and whole?: Find what is true to yourself: foods that you enjoy, movement that you love, a routine that makes you happy. Once you discover these things, health and wellness moves from being a routine to a lifestyle.

Check out B/SPOKE  in Boston, one of Emily's favorite ways to find balance both on and off the bike. 

Happy Weekend!

xo Emmy

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